Acoustic Panels

db Acoustic Panels on Ceiling of Community Hall

Acoustic panels or acoustic absorption panels are used to minimise reflection of airborne sound waves by converting sound energy to heat through a frictional process in the absorber. Through this the reverberation time in the room is reduced. Rebereration time is the time it takes a sound to decay by 60dB. It is measured in seconds.

Excessive reverberation may be created in large spaces or small conference rooms if the decaying sound is not absorbed by the room surfaces. This can cause a lot of disturbance especially in places like opera halls, conference rooms and schools where concentration and listening play an important role.

Examples of Optimum mid-frequency Reverberation Times in seconds

  • Swimming Pool - Less than 2.0
  • Indoor Sports Halls, Gymnasia - Less than 1.2
  • Large Lecture Rooms - Less than 1.0
  • Libraries - Less than 1.0
  • Drama Studios - Less than 1.0
  • Music Classrooms - Less than 1.0
  • Dining Rooms/Restaurants/Canteens - Less than 1.0
  • Offices - Less than 1.0
  • Video/Tele Conferencing Rooms - Less than 0.8
  • Small Lecture Rooms - Less than 0.8
  • Secondary School Classrooms - Less than 0.8
  • Primary School Classrooms - Less than 0.6
  • Nursery School Classrooms - Less than 0.6
  • Classrooms for Hearing Impaired Students - Less than 0.4

No matter how big or small the place is, we can provide a solution that is just right for you. We provide different types of acoustic absorption panels for walls and ceilings to absorb all the unwanted reverberant sound.