Maricoustic Foam is a specially designed marine soundproofing acoustic foam manufactured with a 5kg/m 2 polymeric barrier, sandwiched between two layers of Class ‘O’ polyurethane foam with a silver reinforced film on the outer surface. It is designed for use in boats where there is a combined requirement for both sound absorption and sound insulation to improve passenger and crew comfort. Maricoustic Foam is available in standard size sheets of 1.0m x 1.2m x 24mm


Maricoustic Foam is used extensively in the engine rooms, accommodation areas, bulkheads, under decks and hull plates of boats and other marine type environments.

Acoustic Performance

Sound Transmission Loss at 1000Hz – 36dB

Operating and Application Temperatures

-10°C up to 80°C.

Fire Performance

Complies with BS EN ISO 9094-1:2003 for small craft up to 15m long and BS EN ISO 9094-2:2002 for small craft over 15m long having an oxygen index greater than 21 when tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 4589-3:1996.

Soundproofing for boats and marine craft