Composition is a 10-12mm thick decorative acoustic wall covering. Available as a roll 1.22m wide and up to 25m long, it also comes in a selection of attractive colours. Composition has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of reverberated sound within noisy rooms.

Composition Acoustic fabric is extremely versatile and can be installed as partial or complete wall surfaces. It can also be used as to build display boards within classrooms or offices allowing notices to be pinned to the wall without damaging the wall surface.


  • Acoustically rated to NRC 0.40 i.e. 40% reduction in reflected noise
  • Pin, staple and hook receptive – allowing it to be used as a display board
  • Highly durable, easily cleaned and resistant to staining
  • Impact resistant
  • Made from recycled polyester fibre
  • Will not absorb moisture or rot
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Can be cut to unusual shapes
Acoustic fabric as pin board

Composition – 100% Polyester

Product Weight – 1600gsm

Nominal Thickness – 10 to 12mm

Format Options – Roll 25m x 1220mm

Fire Ratings (European Classification EN 13501-1:2007)
Composition 10-12mm – B – s1, d0
Flaming droplets/particles index (0-10) – 0
Smoke production index (0-10) – 1

Fastness to light
Composition is suitable for indoor use only
The vertiface fabric has been tested to the following standard
150105-Bo2-1994 (grey scale 1-5)
Light Fastness rating – 3

ISO 9001
Composition Acoustic Fabric is manufactured under ISO 9001 standards

Composition Acoustic Fabric has been tested to a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.4 and will typically reduce reverberated noise by approximately 40%.