Sylpro acoustic underlay is a very versatile product suitable for use as an acoustic solution for impact sound insulation. Sylpro can be used under parquet, laminate, carpet and ceramic tiles as well as under linoleum and PVC flooring. It reduce unwanted noise in your own house and those of your neighbours as well. Sylpro has a density of 730kg/m³ and is available in a range of thicknesses from 3mm to 10mm.

Extremely good results are obtained even under floating screeds in the industrial field, where Sylpro can be used as an isolator.


  • High density
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Thickness – 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm
  • High stability – no performance degradation over time
  • Castor proof
  • Contributes points towards LEED certifcation
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Soundsense equivalent
  • Regupol K225 equivalent
  • Damtec equivalent

Syl is designed for insulation in the following applications:

  • Under wood, carpet and synthetic or linoleum flooring
  • Floors with floating screeds
  • In remedial situations
  • As an isolator for plant and machinery
Sylpro acoustic underlay impact sound insulation
Thickness Length Width Density Impact Sound Reduction – ΔLw
3mm 20m 1.25m 730kg/m³ 18dB
5mm 10m 1.25m 730kg/m³ 20dB
6mm 10m 1.25m 730kg/m³ 20dB
8mm 8m 1.25m 730kg/m³ 21dB
10mm 6m 1.25m 730kg/m³ 22dB

Acoustic Performance according to EN 12354/2