Cross Laminated Timber or X-Lam solid wood construction system is an innovative and technologically advanced solution based on cross-layers of timber for constructing wooden buildings, even multi-story buildings. Isolgomma has conducted an in-depth laboratory test on these elements in order toprovide – in terms of impact noise insulation and airborne noise insulation – a series of solutions guaranteeing optimal performance through the use of wet and dry construction techniques.

The XLAM panel – used horizontally as a floor slab – has a different acoustic reaction compared to traditional systems such as brick-cement, full concrete or composite floor slabs. When combined with good thermal-acoustic insulation material, it allows prefabricated wooden homes to achieve excellent energy performances, which are often difficult to achieve with traditional construction systems.

Acoustic insulation involves the horizontal, vertical, indoor and outdoor separation surfaces, besides the supply systems. All the various elements must be treated using appropriate insulation systems. With regard to wooden floor slabs, it is crucial to analyse how the base floor slab reacts in order to select the proper insulation system. Owing to its considerable advantages, the XLAM floor slab is a very interesting system from a construction perspective, though little research has been conducted to ascertain its acoustic performance.