Our Partner, Isolgomma has been a leading company in the engineering and production of systems for reducing vibrations in the light rail, underground, heavy and high speed rail infrastructure sectors. We have a wide range of products such as anti vibration ballast mats, embedded rail profiles and sleeper pads that are perfect for insulating against vibrations and noise caused by transport-by-rail vehicles.

With its in-house R&D department and strict adherence to ISO 9000 procedures, Isolgomma is able to develop new products and know-how in the shortest of time frames. The close collaboration that exists between the Isolgomma R&D Centre in Pozzuoli and the University of Naples allows the company to obtain and guarantee in time the highest quality standards, both for products and the issue of certifications and technical specifications relative to surface, tunnel and underground railways applications.

ballast mats


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embedded track profiles


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sleeper pads


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railway track accessories

Railway Accessories

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