Rail transport causes noise and vibrations well known to anyone who is affected by the nuisance they create in urban areas.

Matrack represents a highly effective solution for any sound insulation and vibration requirement for the rail transport sector. It includes a wide range of mats with several physical and mechanical specifications that help alleviate vibrations emitted from rail transport.

The unique structure of the rubber fibres and granules coupled with a comprehensive range of densities and thicknesses available guarantee high satisfaction in many different situations where insulation against vibrations is a key requirement.


  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Mat dimensions available upon customer’s request
  • Performance stability over time
  • Self draining product and gelivation (freeze-thaw) resistant
  • Tested according to UNI, DIN and DBTL


Matrack is perfect for insulating against vibrations of light infrastructures such as light rail and underground metro systems, as well as heavy rail infrastructure and high speed railway lines. Some common applications:
  • Under ballast
  • Under floating slabs
  • Under sleepers for rail fastening systems
  • Road infrastructures
Under Ballast Mat Matrack
Matrack Floating Slab Railway Isolation


Matrack when used under ballast is perfect for reducing the stresses produced into the gravel and also extends it’s life; in addition this solution offers maximum environmental protection against noise and vibrations induced into the surrounding environment.

Matrack_under_floating_slabMatrack when used under a floating platform provides a resilient layer to the reinforced concrete platform where the track is mounted. The result is a simple “floating mass” system for mitigating noise and vibration irradiation into the surrounding environment.
Megamat Rail Sleeper_Floating Platform WebThis solution provides a layer that improves track stability, reduces wearing due to undulation, mitigates vibrations and re-irradiation in the surrounding environment. This system takes advantage of two floating masses.