Urban railways such as tramways and underground systems are a major source of acoustic pollution (mainly due to vibration and re-irradiated noise) that directly affects cities and urban areas. Protrack was specifically designed to mitigate vibrations and noise irradiation in any type of urban transport-by-rail system.

Protrack protects rail-road joints in dual-purpose systems and flat urban grades, thus reducing road maintenance costs and traffic inconvenience. Thanks to the exclusive design of the Protrack profiles, the use of selected rubber and their high density, We can provide a final solution to vibration and re-irradiated noise insulation requirements in railway applications. Protrack enables the construction of insulated rails, protection against eddy currents and electric insulation of the track.


  • Acoustic and vibration insulation
  • Excellent electrical insulation of the rail track
  • Protects against stray current
  • Improves contact between rail and surrounding road elements like stone paving, asphalt or green areas.
  • High stability and durability over time
  • Easy to lay, replace and maintain

Protrack 600px

Protrack SET is an exclusive patented solution, of the “Embedded” kind, developed in two parts that completely covers the rail on its sides and under the foot. This solution was developed to cushion the emission of vibrations and noise created from the most common types of light rail urban transport such as metros or tramways. Protrack’s exclusive design allows for safe structural anchorage of the rail on reinforced concrete platforms, due to the unique grooves located on the sides of the profile.

The use of high-density selected rubber gives Protrack SET high-level environmental acoustic insulation performance. By using Protrack SET you obtain electric insulation of the rails and avoid breaking the track junction connected to the railroad and/or platforms. The Protrack SET line is a product that protects the wearing course of railroad lines and reduces railway vibrations transmitted by the vehicle on the web of the rail.

Protrack Classic 600Px

Protrack – for dual-purpose lines: rail-road track

This product:

  • Protects rail-road joints and roads against static and dynamic track deflections and vibrations
  • Reduces noise emissions from the rail’s web
  • Reduces noise transmitted from the stem of the rail
  • Is suitable in applications with or without a floating mass.
  • Can be used in “green track” situations – where natural foliage are incorporated into the track design
Protrack Classic Closeup

Protrack consists of side profiles, (sometimes called rail chambers, web blocks or rail buffers) supplied in bars of 60 to 150 cm length, designed to couple with flat bottom or grooved rail for conventional or enclosed track structures. They are made from a mixture of selected rubber granules bonded by a polyurethane binder and then cold pressed.

The Protrack range is available in different shapes and dimensions and couples perfectly to the most common rail sides; for example flat bottom rail type S49, UNI 50, UNI 60 and grooved rail type NP4, RI 60, RI 59 and so on.