This series of products and accessories complete our range of sound and vibration insulation materials for all railway structures. Below is a description of the products that are normally used.

  1. Under Rail Rubber pads
    Under-rail pads: made of high-density extruded rubber, these are used to insulate the rail from the support/fastening structure.
  2. Under-plate pads
    They are made of high-density rubber in different designs and thicknesses, installed in two phase fastening systems, where a steel plate is prescribed to keep rail in place. A proper design of these pads can help rail corrugation control.
  3. Elastomeric Mats
    Elastomeric mats or boots for enveloping concrete sleepers.
  4. Bi-block sleepers
    Bi-block sleepers are available to be used with elastomeric mats.
  5. BMQ sealer
    Is a tri-component compound made of polyurethane resins. The polyurethane component gives this sealer a perfect and long-lasting sealing effect of the joints between rails and road or railways grades; in addition the excellent flexibility of this product enable the rail’s motion without ruining the adjoining stiff grades.
  6. Elastobit sealer
    Is a special mono-component compound made of modified bitumen. This sealer is really effective in sealing and maintaining dualpurpose track joints.
  7. Z-shaped profile
    Is a profile to be applied at the upper edge of the vertical mats as a finish and protection for the mats.
  8. Stik tape
    Is an adhesive tape for joints, made of synthetic tear-free fabric, available in rolls with a length of 100m and a width of 10 cm. Stik tape is excellent for jointing under ballast or under floating base panels.
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