Trains, HGV’s, cars, heavy machinery and equipment are all sources of vibration in buildings and structures. Failure to consider these factors in building design and engineering may have a serious impact on the building structure, owners and occupants.

Vibration isolation of buildings and structures from ground borne vibration is a complex task. There are a range of different solutions, depending on the nature, intensity and source of vibration. When this information has been determined a solution can be designed to successfully mitigate the effect of these vibrations.

Megamat are manufactured from fibers and granules of SBR and EPDM rubber. These panels produce excellent vibration mitigation and insulation performance.

They are ideal as a structural bearing in foundations for buildings subject to light to medium loadings.


  • Range of thickness’s from 10mm – 50mm
  • 500kg/m3 to 950kg/m³ density available
  • Static loads up to 0.25N/mm²
  • Dynamic loads up to 1.5N/mm²
  • Can be doubled to reach up to 100mm
  • Easy laying procedure
  • Easy to cut and shape on site
  • Self-draining and freeze-thaw resistant product
  • Waterproof backing layer
  • Resistant to oils
  • Resistant to moderately aggressive acids
  • Long-term performance and reliability


Megamat products are suitable for
  • Vibration insulation of building foundations using a continuous layer
  • Floating floor insulation
  • Isolation of building foundations from environmental vibrations
  • Structural insulation of buildings as bearings beneath beams, plinths, columns and load-bearing walls


Megamat ME500

Application fieldLoadYielding
Static range of use (static loads)0.07 N/mm25%
Operating load range (static plus dynamic loads)0.07 – 0.70 N/mm25% – 30%
Load peaks (short term, infrequent loads)2.00 N/mm250%

Megamat ME850

Application fieldLoadYielding
Static range of use (static loads)0.12 N/mm25%
Operating load range (static plus dynamic loads)0.12 – 1.20 N/mm25% – 30%
Load peaks (short term, infrequent loads)3.00 N/mm250%