When you design a roof we intuitively take into consideration logical needs of waterproofing and thermal insulation but we very often forget about soundproofing requirements. Once the project is finished it is very difficult to retrospectively solve acoustic problems such as rain impact noise or excessive airborne noise intrusion. That’s why it is very important to be cognisant of potential acoustic issues with your metal deck roof from design stage.

Acoustic insulation of rainfall noise and other types of weather element is a priority in lightweight roofs such as metal deck and wooden pitched roofs and noise generated by these can negatively influence activities inside the buildings. This is specially true in those cases that require a high level of acoustic comfort like schools, auditoriums, congress halls or fairgrounds.

In order to increase insulation performances of the roofing systems is necessary to propose build-up that incorporates different materials with the ability to reduce noise transmission through the different layers that generate vibrations on the metal deck.

Tecsound synthetic soundproofing membrane is the optimum solution to improve the acoustic insulation in metal deck roofing systems. Its excellent viscoelasticity together with high mass per m² significantly improves the level of acoustic insulation to airborne sound, rainfall noise and other vibrations. Thanks to its flexibility, easy installation and reduced thickness Tecsound can be introduced successfully into the configuration any metal deck roof system.


  • Increases acoustic performance against rain impact and airborne noise
  • Low thickness
  • Fire classification Euroclass B s2 d0
  • Doesn’t absorb water and acts as vapor barrier
  • Cold pliability -20°C
  • Loose laid installation
  • Adaptable to any kind of geometry
  • Easy to cut
  • Compatible with any kind of thermal insulation material
tecsound acoustic roof