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Office Acoustics

Todays modern offices have evolved into open plan centres of creativity. Because of this, office acoustics have been often been overlooked. Poor acoustics in the office can affect employee well-being and lead to sub-par productivity. and what can be done to improve your office’s acoustics.

In the past offices were functional, drab places with little space and privacy. Todays offices with their modern, open plan layouts are characterised by open spaces that encourage interaction, collaboration and communication. However, office designers must be cognisant of how the design of these new work spaces may affect the acoustic environment. 

Buildtec Acoustics have a comprehensive range of office acoustic solutions  that will effectively and affordably ensure the comfort and acoustic well-being of employees. Depending on your specific design requests, our office acoustics solutions can be discrete and subtle, or add fantastic architectural elements and style to the workplace.

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Lighting

Acoustic Pods

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