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Under Screed Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Floating ScreedBuildtec Acoustics is the home of the Isolgomma range of under screed acoustic insulation products in Ireland and the UK. Isolgomma resilient layers can be used with pre-cast concrete, beam and block, in-situ concrete and timber floor types.  All our under screed acoustic mats provide an effective route to compliance for TGD Doc E Ireland, Part E England and Wales and Section 5 Scotland construction regulations.  These products can be used throughout Ireland and the UK.

Our under screed acoustic insulation materials are lightweight and easy to install. They are cost-effective and high-performing solution which deliver minimal creep under the highest of loads. They are compatible with all types of sub-floor including sand and cement, proprietary and self-levelling screeds. Our acoustic floating floor solutions are engineered to deliver exceptional sound reduction, minimising the impact of footsteps, machinery, and other sources of noise transmission. With a wide range of options to suit your project’s specific needs, our under screed acoustic insulation products offer a reliable and effective way to create quieter, more enjoyable spaces. Explore our range today and experience the transformative power of acoustic comfort.

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