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Roll Acoustic Under Screed Insulation

Roll Acoustic Under Screed Insulation

Isolgomma Roll acoustic under screed insulation is one of the most reliable and tested acoustic underlays on the market and represents Isolgomma’s many years experience in the production of solutions for impact sound insulation. It is supplied in rolls and produced using SBR fibres and granules hot compacted using a latex adhesive. A 300 g/m² black bituminous anti-stretch backing is applied on one side. Roll is also suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. Impact sound reduction value (ΔLw) is 22dB.

The unique distribution of rubber granules on the floor ensures excellent elasticity, making Roll perfectly suitable for impact noise reduction. The 5mm thickness also makes it suitable for renovation projects where the system has to adapt to onsite needs without compromising the overall performance.

Roll acoustic under screed insulation is manufactured using technology that ensures a low environmental impact.


  • European Technical Approval (ETA – 22/0045)
  • CE Marked
  • 22dB impact sound insulation at only 5mm thickness
  • Stability of acoustic and mechanical performance levels
  • Durable and robust material
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Economical
  • Regupol E48 equivalent


  • Acoustic under screed insulation for floors where high impact noise insulation is required and with low intervention thickness.
  • Also suitable for use with underfloor heating.


Technical Information

Description Unit Standard Result
Thickness mm 5
Dimensions m 5m x 1.05m
Superficial Mass kg/m² 1.80
Compression Resistance at 10% Deformation kPa  UNI EN 826 ≥1.37
Dynamic Stiffness MN/m³ EN 29052-1 28
Impact sound reduction improvement (ΔLw) dB UNI EN 10140 ≥23
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