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Basewood Acoustic Underlay for Wooden Floors

Basewood Acoustic Underlay for Wooden Floors

Basewood acoustic underlay is an innovative, high performance product ideal for acoustically upgrading existing buildings during renovation or new installation of wooden floors. Basewood is a low thickness recycled rubber mat made of SBR rubber granules, that dampens and absorbs noise transmission from footfall and other types of impact noise.

Basewood is ideal for renovation works particularly in cases where the floor finish is not being removed and where an underlay is needed to improve the impact sound insulation of the floors.‎ It can be used under a prefinished parquet or laminate of any thickness and size.‎ It can also be laid directly onto existing concrete screeds.

Basewood has an impact sound insulation improvement value of 20dB.


  • Minimal thickness – Only 4.5mm
  • For use under all types of wooden floor and laminates
  • No glues or adhesives required
  • Easy installation
  • Eco-friendly – manufactured from recycled materials


  • Acoustic insulation for prefinished wood flooring
  • Acoustic insulation for laminate flooring
  • Renovation works with low thickness available


Basewood Isolgomma Floor Soundproofing



4,5 mm acoustic insulation rolls, made of SBR (Stirene Butadiene Rubber) fibres and granules rubber, compacted using a latex binder in a hot process. A black synthetic non woven anti-stretch backing is applied on one side. The dimensions of the roll are: 10 m lenght, 104 cm width including 4 cm side border for rolls overlapping during installation. The total mass surface is 1,00 kg/m². Dynamic stiffness s‘ 33 and impact sound pressure level attenuation 20 dB.


Acoustic Insulation for reduction of impact sound/noise beneath wooden or laminate flooring

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