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Chatpod 1200 Acoustic Pod

Chatpod 1200 Acoustic Pod

The Chatpod 1200 Acoustic Pod is a flexible 6-seater office meeting pod ideal for team sessions. It has a built-in automatic light and ventilation system for maximum comfort at work. The tinted glass door helps you keep your chats and documents private when needed. With its design and materials, the chatpod contributes to improved room acoustics and provides a visual barrier in any existing workspace landscape.

The chatpod is manufactured to the highest Swiss quality standards and craftmanship. Harnessing the power of nature, leaving nothing but clean water and air.

Sustainable Acoustics

The Chatpod 1200 Acoustic Pod is a circular product, made of 97% post-consumer content and is 100% recyclable. The chassis comprises of multiple layers of super light cardboard, giving the chatpod its clean and timeless shape. A look which is enhanced by an exterior 24mm layer made of upcycled PET bottles which removes 88 waste plastic bottles per m2 from the environment. These same upcycled PET bottles are used to create the felt-like interior finish too, providing great acoustics and absorption of outside noise for chatpod users. And with a frame made from upcycled sawdust, the chatpod is reliably robust.

Acoustic Performance

  • Speech level reduction of at least 28 dB (according to ISO23351-1)


  • The air enters from a ventilation ducts at the top of the pod and exits under the pod. The air circulation is 180 m³/h.


  • The light is specifically designed by Bartenbach for chatpod.
  • LED 475 lm, 4000 K, 6 W
  • Energy efficiency A – A++
  • life span > 50’000 h
  • UGR < 16, CRI >80


  • A standard power outlet is able to activate the electrical components in the pod.
  • Input voltage: 250 V~ / 50 Hz
  • No-load power consumption : ~ 0.7 W
  • Load power consumption: ~ 8 W
  • Output voltage (USB-charger): UA: 5 VDC ± 5%
  • Output current (USB-charger) IA: 2,100 mA (max.)


  • Width: 2400 mm
  • Depth: 2730 mm
  • Height: 2230 mm
  • Weight: 1400 kg


Impact Acoustic Colour Collection


Chatpod 1200 Acoustic Pod
Freestanding Acoustic Pod shall be Impact Acoustic Chatpod1200, manufactured from 97% post-consumer and 100% recyclable materials.

Supplier – Buildtec Acoustics / Website – www.buildtec.ie

Width: 2400 mm
Depth: 2730 mm
Height: 2230 mm
Weight: 1400 kg

Colour –  (Insert Colour)

Sound Insulation
Speech level reduction of at least 28 dB (according to ISO23351-1)

Fire Rating Classification: EN13501-1  B – s1, d0.

Install as per Buildtec recommendations.

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