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Light Load Vibration Isolation – Megapoint

Light Load Vibration Isolation – Megapoint

The Megapoint vibration pad is the ideal vibration damping solution where it is necessary to isolate lightweight machinery or machinery with particularly low disturbing frequencies. The Megapoint dimpled profile has been developed to attain high performance at a low thickness (25 mm) with excellent mechanical behaviour characteristics coupled with the strength required in industrial and construction applications.

The product is equipped with a high-weight support which makes the product ideal even under high-thickness inertia bases. The use of recycled raw materials contributes to the product having an extremely low environmental impact.


  • Vibration reduction for a wide range of loads and frequencies
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Waterproof backing layer
  • Self-draining and freeze-thaw resistant product
  • Resistant to oils and also to moderately aggressive acids
  • Long-term performance and reliability

Megamat products are suitable for

  • Lightweight machinery isolation
  • Isolation of swimming pools
  • Measurement rooms and test rooms
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Textile machinery

Technical Information

Description Unit Result
Thickness mm 25
Dimensions m 1m x 1m
Static use range N/mm² 0.002
Dynamic use range N/mm² 0.002 – 0.040
Maximum loads N/mm² 0.050
Static elastic module N/mm² 0.052
Dynamic elastic module N/mm² 0.277
25% compression N/mm² 0.029
Loss factor N/mm² 0.148
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