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Point Impact Noise Protection Mat

Point Impact Noise Protection Mat

The Point impact noise protection mat from Isolgomma is a CE marked acoustic isolation and anti-vibration mat for floating floors. It has high mechanical performance and is suitable for traffic loads of up to 5000 kg/m².

The lower surface is made of single dimples that focus the load on single points, optimising the dynamic performances of the elastomeric material. The structure of the panel has been calibrated to give very stable performance and a controlled deflection. The upper surface is protected by a non-woven waterproof backing that allows the direct placement of the floating screed on top. Point is the most versatile product for residential, commercial and industrial constructions.

Point impact noise protection mat is ideal where superior acoustic performance and vibration isolation is required. In particular it is suitable for supermarkets, warehouses, shopping centres and industrial environments.


  • European Technical Approval (ETA – 19/0509)
  • CE Marked
  • High acoustic insulation (up to ΔLw 26dB)
  • Suitable for traffic loads up to 5000 kg/m2
  • CE marked
  • 17mm thick
  • Panel size – 1m x 1m
  • Acoustic performance levels are constant over time
  • No acoustic degradation under compression
  • Can be used with Megamat for low frequency vibration isolation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Eco friendly – made from recycled material

Point is perfect for insulation in the following applications

  • High thickness screeds
  • Vibration insulation of plant rooms
  • High thickness screeds for commercial and residential use
  • Vibration control of technical equipment
  • Vibration control of industrial machines


Point Anti Vibration Isolation on Warehouse Floor

Technical Data

Description Unit Standard Result
Thickness mm 17
Dimensions m 1m x 1m
Superficial Mass kg/m² 6.7
Compression Resistance at 10% Deformation kPa  UNI EN 826 10.17
Dynamic Stiffness MN/m³ EN 29052-1 16
Impact sound reduction improvement (ΔLw) dB UNI EN 10140 26
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