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Rail Track Profiles – Protrack

Rail Track Profiles – Protrack

Protrack Rail Track Profiles protect rail-road joints in dual-purpose systems and flat urban grades, thus reducing road maintenance costs and traffic inconvenience. Thanks to the exclusive design of the Protrack profiles, the use of selected rubber and their high density, We can provide a final solution to vibration and re-irradiated noise insulation requirements in railway applications.

Protrack enables the construction of insulated rails, protection against eddy currents and electric insulation of the track. Urban railways such as tramways and underground systems are a major source of acoustic pollution (mainly due to vibration and re-irradiated noise) that directly affects cities and urban areas. Protrack Rail Track Profiles were specifically designed to mitigate vibrations and noise irradiation in any type of urban transport-by-rail system.



  • Acoustic and vibration insulation
  • Excellent electrical insulation of the rail track
  • Protects against stray current
  • Protects rail-road joints and roads against static and dynamic track deflections and vibrations
  • Improves contact between rail and surrounding road elements like stone paving, asphalt or green areas.
  • Can be used in “green track” situations – where natural foliage are incorporated into the track design
  • Is suitable in applications with or without a floating mass
  • High stability and durability over time
  • Easy to lay, replace and maintain


  • Tramways and Metro with mechanical fixings
  • Tramways and Metro on green tracks
  • Tramways and Metro on embedded systems
  • Tramways and Metro at connection areas such as Switches, Escape

Protrack SET

PROTRACK SET Embedded rail profile system

The PROTRACK SET Embedded system envelops the rail, becoming a structural element of the reinforcement system; the embedded rail-profile system is sunk into the reinforced concrete platform, defining the rail gauge and stability of the platform.
The embedded method is an alternative to mechanical fastening systems and with its exclusive design, the PROTRACK SET solution ensures excellent adhesion and performance in contact with the concrete.

Protrack Classic

Protrack Classic Rail Profile Insulation

The PROTRACK CLASSIC system with lateral profiles covers the rail from head to foot as well as in the attachment points, allowing it to be used both in rail road tracks and track sites with many types of surface. PROTRACK CLASSIC profiles are fundamental joining elements between the rail and adjacent surface.

Protrack Classic Pads

PROTRACK PAD under rail strip

The Protrack Classic Pad under-rail strip is a useful accessory for improving the electrical and vibrational isolation of the slab with a conventional attachment. Isolgomma supplies this rubber element as a compliment to Protrack Classic side profiles. They should be positioned below the foot of the rail, between the attachment points.

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