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Redfix Acoustic Hangers for Ceilings & Walls

Redfix Acoustic Hangers for Ceilings & Walls

Redfix acoustic hangers are elastic elements used for acoustic ceiling suspension and for decoupling metal studs in plasterboard wall linings in order to achieve vibration and noise insulation. The elastic suspension and isolation of different elements in ceilings and walls avoid the propagation of vibration and structural born noise from one floor or room to the other.

When noise transfer is a problem either from above a room above or an adjacent room, the Redfix acoustic hanger range offers professional-grade noise insulation between building elements.  Ideal for any space from residential to commercial, new build to refurbishment, the Redfix acoustic hanger system works by creating an isolated ceiling or wall that significantly reduces vibrations and sound pressure waves caused by noise.

The Redfix acoustic hangers range is designed to achieve outstanding acoustic performance with quick and simple installation.  They are a proven, easy to use and affordable soundproofing solution that brings peace to any space, from houses and flats to offices, shops and restaurants.


  • Complete separation between structure and base wall and ceiling
  • High level of acoustic and mechanical performance
  • Suitable for all walls and ceilings
  • Can be fixed to either timber or concrete
  • Requires a single hole to drill per mount; reducing installation time when drilling concrete

Redfix C

Redfix C Acoustic Ceiling Hanger

Redfix U

Redfix U Acoustic Ceiling Hanger

Redfix L

Redfix L Acoustic Wall Isolator

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