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Retro Fit Acoustic Door Seal

Retro Fit Acoustic Door Seal

This retro fit non mechanical wipe seal which can be either surface mounted or routed into the base of the door to make flush with the door surface. Its three blades have excellent recovery values ensuring maximum sealing time after time. It is an excellent alternative to an automatic drop down seal. It works with a threshold plate to create a slightly raised area to avoid the seal wiping over the flooring.


  • Stylish Ultra Smooth Blades
  • Suitable for retro
  • Excellent Profile Recovery
  • Dual Air Pocket Technology
  • Minimal restrictions (opening / closing forces)
  • Non-Mechanical
  • Low Cost

Use in the following applications

  • Single or double swing doors
  • Retro fit applications




What is the maximum door bottom gap?
This seal operates in a range between 7mm and 9mm.
How is it fitted?
This seal can be surface mounted or semi-mortised. The aluminium is pre-drilled and slotted to allow for adjustment, supplied with fixing screws.
How do I adjust the drop length?
The black actuator button also acts as an adjusting rod, simply pull the button away from the unit and twist it a full 180degree;. Anti-clockwise to lengthen and clockwise to shorten, repeat until desired drop level is reached
What length is the seal?
1000mm. The seal can be cut back to fit as needed.

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