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Deadsound Sound Deadening

Deadsound Sound Deadening

Deadsound is very flexible multi-layer sound deadening insulation material comprised of a polymer based butyl rubber covered externally with aluminium foil. It is characterized by excellent vibration damping. The unique flexibility of Deadsound allows it to be used on complicated, irregular surfaces, while providing maximum damping characteristics.

This material is waterproof and provides good protection against corrosion. Dead Sound is 2.3mm thick and has a mass per m2 of 3.6kg . It has an aluminium foil facing on one side and has a full self-adhesive backing.

Deadsound Features

  • Excellent sound deadening properties
  • Weight 3.6kg/m²
  • 2.3mm thick
  • Available in 3.50m² packs or 2m² rolls

Deadsound Applications

  • car door
  • car roof
  • boot lid and floor
  • car dashboard
  • vehicle chassis
  • the engine compartment of the car
  • wheel arches
  • bulk heads
  • HVAC equipment
  • Industrial pipework and ducting




  • Allow to stabilise to room temperature prior to use.
  • Apply in the horizontal or vertical plane.
  • Thoroughly clean the mounting surface with a quick‐drying, residue‐free solvent. Remove all dirt, grease, oil, wax, moisture and rust to ensure a permanent bond between the Deadsound sheet and the mounting surface.
  • Peel off the protective backing, position material onto substrate and apply a constant forward and downward pressure to the surface of the Dead Sound sheet to ensure it is securely bonded onto the substrate. A hard seam roller is recommended for this purpose.
  • Particular care must be taken to avoid forming air pockets between the substrate and self‐adhesive backing, as this will weaken the bond and reduce the vibration damping performance.
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