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Sylcer for Ceramic Tiles

Sylcer for Ceramic Tiles

Sylcer acoustic underlay for tiles is an innovative, high performance product ideal for acoustically upgrading existing buildings during renovation work on ceramic tiled floors. Sylcer is a high density, low thickness recycled rubber mat made of SBR and EPDM rubber, that dampens and absorbs noise transmission from footfall and other types of impact noise.

It is laid directly onto existing floors without removing existing tiles, or onto existing concrete screeds ready to receive the new ceramic or stone finish tiles directly onto the acoustic insulation.

Sylcer acoustic underlay for tiles is the only acoustic underlay that has been tested to an improvement value of 17dB according to ISO140-8.


  • Minimal thickness
  • For use under ceramic or stone tiling
  • Can be used on existing tiled floors
  • Can be used with underfloor heating
  • Easy installation
  • Eco-friendly – manufactured from recycled materials


  • Ceramic or natural stone floor finishes
  • Renovation of ceramic or natural stone floor finishes
  • Acoustic correction of existing floors to building regulations


Sylcer for Ceramic Tiles

Acoustic Performance

Sylcer for Ceramic Tiles

Ln,w (Impact Sound Pressure Level) – 61dB
This figure measures how much sound reaches the receiving room. The lower the figure the better.

Rw ( Airborne Sound Transmission Loss) – 53dB
This figure refers to the ability of the floor to provide sound insulation. The higher the number, the better the sound insulation.

Technical Information

Description Unit Standard Value
Thickness mm 3
Density kg/m3 820
Impact Sound Improvement ( ΔLw) dB ISO 140-8 17 (*)
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient (λ) W/m°K EN 12667 0.12
Fire Resistance DIN 4102 B2

* Concrete floor, levelled screed 50mm, Sylcer bonded to the screed, 10mm ceramic tiles glued to the Sylcer mat


Sylcer ceramic tile sound insulation is fixed directly onto the screed using a suitable adhesive. It is disconnected from the perimeter walls with a self adhesive flanking strip. The ceramic tiles are then fixed directly to the sound insulation mat using a flexible adhesive and then grouted.

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