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Tecsound FT55 AL Acoustic Ductwrap

Tecsound FT55 AL Acoustic Ductwrap

Tecsound FT55 AL acoustic duct wrap is an acoustic pipe lagging material suitable for reducing airborne noise and vibration within PVC sewage ducts, air conditioning units, industrial piping and other types of metal work. The material has a decorative, reinforced aluminium foil facing and is very flexible to accommodate most pipework. It provides excellent acoustic insulation for all types of pipes and conduits. FT55 can give up to 14dB sound reduction on pipework depending on the flow rate.

Tecsound Acoustic Duct Wrap Applications

  • Soundproofing of industrial ductwork and pipes
  • Soundproofing of  air conditioning units
  • Soundproofing of soil pipes, both PVC and metal
  • Acoustic insulation of drain pipes in buildings
  • Soundproofing of air conditioning ducts
  • Acoustic insulation of industrial ducting
  • Soundproofing of cabins, machine-rooms, engines, cowling and compressors.



  • High acoustic insulation, combined with soft, flexible elements
  • Tecsound FT55 AL weight – 5.6kg per m² @ 5mm thickness
  • High sound insulation of pipes, with the combined effect of an absorbing and sound-insulating viscoelastic material
  • Reduction of the transmission of vibrations in pipes, caused by drainage of liquids, to the structure (transmission of structural noise), as well as contact noise in bends
  • Flexible and adaptable to all types of piping (round or square) and connections, ensuring the continuity of insulation so eliminating the need for specific pieces for bends and connections
  • Good behaviour at low temperatures, without breaking or cracking
  • Easy to handle and cut
  • Ageing resistance
  • Rot resistant


Description Unit Tecsound FT55
Nominal Thickness mm 12.5
Length mm 5500
Width mm 1200
Overall Superficial Mass kg/m² 5.6
Density kg/m³ 2000
Tensile strength N/cm2 >30
Sound Insulation dB 14dB
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