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Under Slab Track Mats – Matrack

Under Slab Track Mats – Matrack

Under Slab Track Mats are used under concrete slab railway tracks. They are used to reduce ground-borne vibration isolation in specific problem areas, e.g. tunnels and tracks in close proximity to buildings.

Matrack Under Slab Track Mats are a high performance vibration attenuation floating slab system based on the mass-spring principle, where the concrete slab is elastically supported by a continuous resilient mat. It includes a wide range of mats with several physical and mechanical specifications that help alleviate vibrations emitted from rail transport.

The unique structure of the rubber fibres and granules coupled with a comprehensive range of densities and thicknesses available guarantee high satisfaction in many different situations where vibration attenuation is a key requirement.


  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Mat dimensions available upon customer’s request
  • Performance stability over time
  • Self draining product and gelivation (freeze-thaw) resistant
  • Tested according to UNI, DIN and DBTL


  • Matrack is perfect for insulating against vibrations of light infrastructures such as light rail and underground metro systems, as well as heavy rail infrastructure and high speed railway lines. Some common applications:
  • Under ballast
  • Under floating slabs
  • Under sleepers for rail fastening systems
  • Road infrastructures

Matrack - Under Floating Slab


Matrack when used under a floating platform provides a resilient layer to the reinforced concrete platform where the track is mounted. The result is a simple “floating mass” system for mitigating noise and vibration irradiation into the surrounding environment.

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