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Under Sleeper Pads – Slitrack

Under Sleeper Pads – Slitrack

Slitrack under sleeper pads from Isolgomma are a range of railway track vibration insulation pads that improves the life of ballast tracks and reduces the amount of vibration pollution into the local environment. The Slitrack under sleeper pads are applied directly under the sleeper of the track on both ballast and concrete platform applications. The pads can be glued on to the base and sides of the sleeper or they can be placed during the casting of the sleeper in the concrete.

Slitrack has an innovative structure of high density SBR  and or EPDM rubber granules and fibres which gives the sleeper pads excellent insulating capacity and provides good mechanical protection of the ballast gravel. Slitrack can be used with excellent environmental insulating results on tramways and underground rail systems, on rail freight transport and/or high-speed railways.

Slitack sleeper pads for track systems on ballast are mostly used for conventional lines and high-speed lines. They perform the dual role of protecting the ballast, increasing its useful life, and reducing vibrations, thanks to their intrinsic vibration damping properties.

Slitack sleeper pads for track systems made from reinforced concrete slabs are products with mechanical vibration-damping properties. The reinforced concrete sleeper is covered with Slitrack panels in order to completely protect the sleeper from the surrounding concrete.

Slitrack bi-block solutions for sleepers are mostly used for conventional railway lines and for underground railway track systems. The flexible elements are applied to the resting surface of the Bi-Block sleepers inside the rubber shoe that encloses the individual sleeper block.

Isolgomma Slitrack pads are available in a range of thicknesses from 6mm to 20mm.

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  • Rail vibration mitigation
  • Mechanical protection of rail track ballast
  • Excellent quality/ price ratio
  • High stability and durability over time
  • Self draining
  • Ice resistant
  • Long durability
  • Easy installation


  • Slitrack is an ideal anti vibration solution for the following applications:
  • Tramway and metro systems: over concrete slab or ballast
  • Passenger railways: over concrete slab or ballast
  • High speed railways: over concrete slab or ballast
  • Rail freight transport: over ballast.

Slitrack Anti Vibration Under Sleeper Pad


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