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Upgrei – Acoustic insulation for high thickness floating floors

Upgrei – Acoustic insulation for high thickness floating floors

Upgrei acoustic insulation is a CE marked, 10mm thick, innovative impact sound insulation underlay for use as an under screed resilient layer on heavy duty floors where superior acoustic performance is required. Developed with cutting-edge technology, it is a high-performing acoustic mat used in the construction of very thick, high specification floors.

An extension of the Grei Acoustic Underlay, it is made from specially selected recycled EPDM rubber granules which are bonded to a layer of polyester fibre. The combination of these two materials results in a product that has very high acoustic, thermal and mechanical performance capacity. The overall recycled content is 80%.

Upgrei is ideal for the impact noise and thermal insulation of any type of floor, especially where there is a need for high acoustic performance. Impact sound reduction values of up to 26dB is possible using the Upgrei sound insulation mats. The resistant and flexible mat adapts perfectly to the surface base and, thanks to its self-adhesive border seam, it is extremely easy and quick to lay with precision. Upgrei is certified VOC free.

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  • European Technical Approval (ETA – 18/0554)
  • CE Marked
  • High acoustic insulation levels (up to ΔLw32dB)
  • Eco friendly – made from recycled materials
  • Recycled Content – 80%
  • VOC Free
  • 10mm thick
  • Stable acoustic performance under very high loads
  • Thermal insulating
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Regupol equivalent


Technical Data

Description Unit Standard Result
Thickness mm 10
Dimensions m 5m x 1.05m
Superficial Mass kg/m² 2.65
Compression Resistance at 10% Deformation kPa  UNI EN 826 ≥1.37
Dynamic Stiffness MN/m³ EN 29052-1 6
Impact sound reduction improvement (ΔLw) dB UNI EN 10140 ≥26
Recycled Content 80%


Upgrei – Acoustic insulation for high thickness floating floors

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